yeni opel astra 2010 ve müthiş ‘flexfix’ bisiklet taşıma aparatı…

* yeni opel astra 2010 yepyeni özellikleri de beraberinde getiriyor, işte ‘flexfix’ bisiklet taşıma aparatı…


New Opel Astra to offer practical, time-saving FlexFix Bike Carrier

* Fully integrated system invisible when not in use
* Simple operation and low position for effortless (un)loading
* One of many clever and exclusive storage solutions for the Opel Astra


Rüsselsheim. In line with Opel’s philosophy of easy and comfortable flexibility, the new Astra hatchback will be available with the integrated FlexFix carrier system – the optimal transport solution for bicycles. Opel is the only manufacturer to offer the innovative FlexFix system which requires no installation or removal — it simply pulls out of the rear bumper like a drawer. This makes transporting bicycles easy and convenient.

A masterpiece in body engineering made possible by the smart, compact construction of the rear axle (a compound crank with Watt’s Link), the FlexFix adds to the number of clever storage solutions available with the new Opel Astra.


Imagine all the situations in which FlexFix might come in handy – and not only for those who love to cycle during their free time. FlexFix is ideal for commuters who might want to park their Astra outside of town and ride their bicycle to work. Families appreciate the flexibility it offers, too. If the kids rode their bikes to school in the morning but it’s raining when school is out, parents can be pick them up on their way home from work without stopping first at home to grab a bike rack. All this convenience comes without having to install any “add on” carrier.

The FlexFix carrier is integrated like a drawer in the rear bumper. A simple pull of the lever situated near the lip of the trunk and the carrier slides out of the bumper. No special equipment or tools are needed. When not in use, the FlexFix drawer can simply be pushed back to stow away almost invisibly in the rear bumper.

The FlexFix bike carrier, which features additional rear lights, can carry up to two bicycles with wheel sizes from 18 to 28 inches. The maximum weight capacity is 40 kg, with each bike weighing up to 20 kg. For optimal safety, an acoustical warning signal engages when the car is in reverse.

This ingenious transport system complements the variety of clever storage and transport options in the new Astra and is also offered in the Corsa and Antara.


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    yeni opel astra 2010 ve müthiş ‘flexfix’ bisiklet taşıma aparatı… | Opel Insignia Club

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