Happy Birthday Opel Insignia – Europe’s Shooting Star in 2009


The Opel Insignia marks its first birthday this month and already has much to celebrate. From the moment the German car manufacturer’s flagship model was launched last fall, the rave reviews began. It turned the heads of design experts, impressed technology geeks with its innovations and quickly became a best-seller among the buying public. The Insignia sedan is number one in Europe in its class.

In less than one year’s time, the Opel Insignia has won 24 prizes and awards – starting with Europe’s Car of the Year 2009 – from pan-European groups, expert panels and consumers in 11 different countries. It has been named Best Executive Car in the UK and Slovenia, Best Family Car in Ireland twice and best car for fleet customers in the UK, Austria, Denmark and Portugal. It even has received accolades for its safety from Spain.

So much of that spectacular success is due to the new design language of “sculptural artistry meets German precision” that was introduced in the Insignia and now is being carried forward to the compact class with the debut of new generation Astra next week at the Frankfurt motor show. The Insignia also features an array of technological innovations – such as new-generation AFL+ headlamps, the Opel Eye front camera, FlexRide chassis and ergonomic seats – that have swayed judges and the public alike.

“We are very proud of the Insignia and the talented team that has made it so wildly popular,” says Carl-Peter Forster, Head of the Supervisory Board at Opel. “We can’t wait to see what’s ahead for the new Astra, but we are sure it, too will be as well liked.”

Extraordinary market launch – Insignia named “Car of the Year 2009”

In November 2008, an international panel of 59 specialized journalists from 23 countries granted it the much-coveted “European Car of the Year” award. With their decision, the jury underscored the Insignia’s role as a milestone for the Opel brand.

“Many jury members praised the car’s looks and eye-catching design. But the new mid-size class car offers much more than just elegance and style,” the panel said. Thanks to its superb performance in the categories design, safety, handling and performance, the Insignia beat out 37 competitors to win the title.

This was just the beginning. Opel’s new design language continues to get one accolade after another, including “red dot design award” and “Auto Bild Design Award.” Mark Adams, head of Opel Design, was honored with “DESIGNBEST 2009.” These are among the most highly recognized distinctions of their kind in expert circles. The Romanian magazine Auto Mondial, too, was moved by the Insignia’s aerodynamic efficiency.

Expressive design, yes, but innovative technology too

Two separate British groups awarded the Insignia “Executive Car of the Year.” The Danes liked the Insignia ecoFLEX and its frugal 5.2 liter per 100 km fuel consumption. The Sports Tourer impressed a panel of Polish judges. These awards and others underline the fact that all versions of the Insignia score high for both private and business purposes.

At the same time the judges and juries recognize the cutting-edge technologies that Opel designers and engineers have built into the Insignia. The Opel Eye, an innovative front camera with traffic sign recognition and lane departure warning won a Plus X Award, Europe’s largest contest for technology, sports and lifestyle products. The jury was so excited by the Opel Eye front camera that it awarded it the “Seal of quality for innovations.”

Even the Insignia’s Vehicle Line Director Andreas Haefele, was recognized by Automotive News as “2009 Eurostar” for combining product development, design and manufacturing ability “to make the new Insignia a car that would steal buyers from (its) rivals.”

Awards so far:

European Car of the Year
DESIGNBEST 2009 (Mark Adams)
Red dot design award
Auto der Vernunft
Auto Bild Design Award
Gelber Engel
Fleet Car of the Year
Klaxon Award
CROAUTO Croatian Car of the Year
Auto Vot
Best Car
Aurel Persu
Business Car of the Year 2009
Best Safety Choice Award
Fleet Car of the Year 2009
Family Car of the Year
Family Car of the Year
Executive Car of the Year
Editor´s Choice Award
Executive Car of the Year
Best Company Car of the Year
Auto Bild Design Award
Testcar of the Year
Eurostar 2009 (Andreas Haefele)


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