Opel Insignia ecoFLEX: New 130 hp goes easy on earth and wallet

Opel introduces a new, 95 kW/130 hp ecoFLEX engine to its Insignia ecoFLEX line-up at an attractive price, making it particularly alluring for fleet clients and private customers in several European countries with specific eco taxes.

Opel Insignia_09_41

This new entry level offering makes ecological mobility even more accessible with prices starting at 26,400 euros in Germany. It joins a 160 hp ecoFLEX version already in the Insignia line-up. Both are currently available on the Insignia ecoFLEX notchback and hatchback variants. Later this year these engines will also be available on the Sports Tourer body style.

Insignia ecoFLEX models combine the best of both worlds: They offer low emissions and fuel consumption without compromising on performance or driving dynamics. Both consume only 5.2 liters of diesel per 100 km – equivalent to 136 g/km of CO2 emissions – yet they deliver generous torque values ranging from 320 up to 380 Nm. That is thanks to a powerful, new-generation turbo diesel 2-liter common rail engine refined specifically for the ecoFLEX range. Like the engines across the entire Insignia range, the ecoFLEX models meet tough Euro 5 standards.

Due to an exceptionally low level of CO2 emissions in its category, well below 140 g/km, the new 130 hp version an benefit from substantial tax advantages in several European countries.

When equipped with the 160 hp engine, the Insignia ecoFLEX sedan accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 221 km/h. The 130 hp Insignia ecoFLEX reaches the 100 km/h mark in 11.1 second and is capable of 207 km/h.

Both Insignia ecoFLEX engine variants are available as a Sports Tourer. The station wagon variant of the “2009 Car of the Year” only needs 5,3 l/100 km in the combined cycle which corresponds to 139 g/km in CO2 emissions.

“When defining the Insignia ecoFLEX, we decided to offer more than just a green car: It needed to deliver a high level of performance and as many innovative technologies as the rest of the Insignia range. At this price, it simply has no true competitor,” says Hans Demant, Managing Director Adam Opel GmbH.

CD value places ecoFLEX among the top streamlined sedans in the world

The Insignia ecoFLEX reaches a remarkable CD value of 0.26, placing it among the top streamlined sedans in the world – in the same company of more expensive cars from premium brands.

Compared to a standard 2.0 CDTI Insignia, the air drag value of the ecoFLEX models has been reduced by no less than 20 points. Five major modifications contribute to this result: Tank covers were added in front of the rear axle; the upper cooling grille was closed; the center cut-out of the front spoiler was closed; the standing height was lowered and the lower side of the radiator was sealed.

In addition, the Insignia ecoFLEX are equipped with specifically designed, low resistance 225/55 R 17 tires developed by Michelin.

CleanTech technology optimizes efficiency

The heart of the ecoFLEX model is the 118 kW/160 hp or 96 kW/130 hp versions of the new generation 4-cylinder 2.0 CDTI launched on the Insignia last winter. It comes exclusively with a 6-speed manual gearbox, whose final gear ratio has been lengthened to reduce engine speed and fuel consumption. In addition, a gear shift indicator signals to the driver when the powertrain management system considers shifting up a gear would be optimal to saving fuel. Moreover, shorter gear ratios have been selected for the first and second gears to avoid any deterioration of the Insignia ecoFLEX acceleration capabilities.

A specific, innovative technology premieres in the engine of the Insignia ecoFLEX: the CleanTech Combustion Process. It ensures the lowest possible fuel consumption and level of emissions via an electronic closed-loop system. The key enablers of that fuel economy technology are the new piezo-resistive sensors which measure the pressure in each of the four combustion chambers.


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