Opel Insignia OPC


1. Opel Insignia OPC Testing: she throws!

A V6 2.8 Turbo 325 hp, 435 Nm of torque, top speed stabilized at 250 km / h. The Insignia OPC is Opel simply the most powerful and fastest ever produced by the mark. Add to this a sporty feathers, and you get a sedan devilishly attractive. But does it deliver on the road? This is what we checked in Germany, however, hampered by pouring rain.

It is now 10 years exists within the department Opel OPC. OPC for Opel Performance Center. This team is responsible for raising the sauce over the models of the brand. Make them more athletic, more alive, more radical. After being attacked at the Astra’s first name, the Corsa, the Zafira, the Astra present the Meriva, the Vectra, it was logical that the recent Insignia sedan passes into the hands of those witches who officiated at both under the hood and body.

An expressive style.

Already the aesthetics of classical Insignia was praised for its fluidity and balance. It thus has a good base to give extra sportiness.

Designers therefore worked to give it an aggressive look while trying not to fall into ostentatious. They are clearly inspired by the Opel GTC concept car presented at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show.

If the rear and the profile is successful, the front gives almost in excess. Finally say that she likes or dislikes both gills of chrome-rimmed, so tooth tiger (or whichever you prefer morse …), who also make breathing mechanics. The profile is simple with the inverted comma found and said pleasantly sides. Behind the visible are the 2 chromed tailpipes satin, which blend seamlessly into rear bumper, and a mini frame diffuser. The trunk lid, it has a spoiler that has the good taste to remain discreet. The wheels are wonderful for them. 19-inch range, they can optionally display 20 inches in a yard with tires respectively 255/35/20 or 245/40/19.

The Sports Tourer estate is too seasoned sauce OPC. The treatment of the front is the same, and it takes back the shield flanked by his dual chrome exhaust satin. Good to know, France will have only 4-door versions and Sports Tourer Insignia OPC, the 5-door version will not be imported.

Inside, however, disappointed. The atmosphere is “black is black, there is no hope …”. Plastics are black, piano black veneer effect, the black seats, sky roof black too. All lack a little brightness. There are a few little touches of imitation aluminum door handles, steering wheel and the circle of gear lever to bring a little clarity.

Ergonomics is very good cons. In this the Recaro bucket seats with integrated headrests, electrically adjustable, help a lot. They are comfortable and even certified AGR (body putting forward the ergonomic qualities and respect back). By cons, they lack a bit of lateral support in sporty driving. The steering wheel is comfortable to grip and turn sport is exacerbated by the flat at the bottom. It is siglé UCI, as the new lever box, funds and counter mats. Aluminum pedals complete the picture comes with a carrier which is very simple for such a car. More sober than outside anyway.

2. A mechanical and chassis worked

Insignia OPC uses a mechanism already known under the hood of the standard versions. This is the 2.8 V6 Turbo, which develops 260 hp. at the base.

Engineers at the UCI have made him suffer a little vitamin cure. Much work has been done on the camshafts on the injectors, but especially on the turbo pressure, blowing now to 0.9 bars 0.6 ships cons. The cons pressure at the exhaust has also been reduced by 50%.

Speak precisely of the exhaust, which was developed in collaboration with the OEM Remus. He just released a very sound … Remus (close bracket) …

In the final block out 325 hp then at 5 250 rpm. for a couple of 435 Nm at 5 250 rpm. also, but then 400 Nm is already available from 2 000 rpm .. Values which are the most powerful engine ever series developed by Opel.

The 0-100km / h is shot in 6 sec. for the 4-door and 6.3 sec. for the break. The top speed is restricted to 250 km / h. In terms of times, Opel announces the 80 to 120 km / h in 7.1 seconds in fifth gear in a box that has 6.

Values compared to that of the Audi S4, which displays 333 hp. 8 more. This listing 5.1 sec. at 0 to 100, and 4.4 sec in recovery from 80 to 120. This value is not comparable because the Audi is fitted with a box 7-speed auto. It remains inaccessible to the Opel, which is always behind. I must say it does not, we will see later in the same price range …

Level chassis, the Insignia OPC is no exception. It uses a novel front suspension system pivotally coupled, as in Ford Focus RS, has 4 wheels, a rear differential limited slip, and FlexRide mechatronic chassis system, which offers 3 modes of operation, as type of conduct. Normal conventional rolling. Sport mode to have firmer suspensions. And finally, how OPC order to squeeze every frame. In this mode the direction is more direct, the suspension firmed up yet, and the accelerator is more direct and responsive to the draft.

Also engineers have worked to reduce unsprung weight. With success as they won 25% of weight. Brembo calipers lean, hard alloy bell fixing aluminum wheels are lighter program. Everything to get a better response at the wheel.

A good arsenal to serve the efficiency of control, we were able to test on wet roads in the Frankfurt area.

3. Engine: Action!

In the first round key is the sound of the 2.8 Turbo which strikes immediately. It’s harsh … leaving hope for a fiery temperament. We have said, the exhaust worked in partnership with Remus is consistent with the image a little tuning this supplier. Well, we thought it was funny at first, but eventually it makes a little chick, especially since in the 3 000 rpm, the line resonates and buzzes in the box, which quickly becomes tiring long haul. By cons passed this course, the car is very silent, very much. A paradox!

Unfortunately for us, the weather conditions do not permit us to exploit the potential of the car. It rained like cow piss that Teutonic, and this test was therefore conducted to train a senator, at least before arriving at the testing center and development Opel. Here the track, even wet, we found that the Insignia OPC loved the rain, and played the precarious grip conditions.

The frame holds the pad up to high speeds, and it was impossible to be afraid even with 3 inches of water under the wheels. Insignia OPC is considerate, and loss of adhesion is easily mastered. The 4-wheel drive gives a nice balance to all and lets roll smoothly in case of incipient sliding. Mode OPC FlexRide system allows travel speeds on curves higher, without incurring excessive roll. So of course it was not possible to push the car into a corner, but the impression given is positive and gives a great feeling of security.

On the runway was also prepared a workshop lane change, simulating a highway bypass. An exercise with our horse was out of the day hands down, although still in line even at 135 km / h in the rain.

Besides wanting to be too perfect, this mutual fund is almost frustrating. Indeed, as is the case in many of its competitors, the driving experience is so gummed, filtration (of the road, rolling noise, engine noise) so effective that one forgets to take driving pleasure.

The 2.8 Turbo certainly out its 325 hp. But with such a linearity that is almost boring. No kick in the ass, no lyrical flights past the 5 000 rpm. A world too asseptisé to our taste. Pity … Other models such as mutual funds are more demonstrative (Astra, Corsa …).

This does nothing to the qualities of the car, but proves once again frustrating. A choice exercised by the mark that we have explained clearly wanted to create a sports sedan but as a concept “more comfort, more durability,” leaving little room for the expression of true sportsmanship (sensations, sound in the towers, etc. …).

4. A price / performance / equipment unbeatable

We saw this Insignia OPC is not equal, though not far, performance of an Audi S4 for example. But it is relative. When S4 is shown in base price to 57 600 €, the Insignia her reply to 43 250 € in 4 doors and 44 650 in break cons € 58 930 € for the S4 Avant. A sacred price difference anyway.

Certainly the quality of finish is not that the sport of Ingolstadt, but it is quite commendable and will not pose a problem over time. The Insignia has not been silent on the equipment.

Indeed, besides the chassis FlexRide already mentioned, the 19-inch wheels as standard, the Opel is full. Opel Eye system for the recognition of signs, parking aid front and rear, radio with MP3 compatibility and Bluetooth, power seats, dual zone air conditioning, plus all the arsenal of comfort and security Usual … There’s something for his money.

The Opel Insignia OPC is considered the sporting best price / performance / equipment of the time.

Its consumption is reasonable for it to power. Opel announces 11.4 liters in mixed, a value that seems fairly consistent with reality. By driving sustained cons do not expect to fall below the 14 liters. Even on small country roads, we avaons struggled to get below the 10 liters. At least not enough to blow the budget using this hot sedan.

5. Remember – Prices

With the Opel Insignia OPC Opel sign the most powerful car in its history. And if the warbling worth the detour, the plumage is not bad either, as the designer has managed to inject a touch of sportiness without being too ostentatious.

Effective, this car is also its chassis worked wonders, while maintaining a (very) good comfort. Wanted by the mark.

And in terms of price, Opel has placed his family at a very very competitive. While providing it with advanced technological equipment.

However, we will Insignia OPC at the same criticism that many current sports. By trying to police the conduct of its sedan, Opel took the risk to remove the pepper infused mechanically and technically. Result: Well you’re bored just driving. A paradox when one has 325 hp. available!

Most drivers will appreciate, the aficionados of driving a little less spicy.

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  1. Insignia OPC is nice car to drive. I tested it here in very hard winter:

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