Frankfurt Auto Show: The New Opel Is Born


Opel is ready for a new beginning and how else could it start its new life if not by launching a brand new motto at the Frankfurt Auto Show? The company today introduced its latest generation of the Astra along with the company’s new slogan “Wir leben Autos.” Literally, the new motto stands for “We live cars” but Alain Visser, Vice President of Opel Marketing, Sales and After-Sales, says that it hides much more than this.

“Cars are our passion, and this excitement influences everything we do. I know that sounds pretty emotional, but that’s exactly how it’s meant. If you want to build great cars, you’ve got to put your heart and soul into it, along with all the energy that involves. This is exactly what we at Opel do and that energy is also expressed in our cars, from their dynamic chassis systems to their outstanding design,” he explained.

The new motto will be used globally in German but even so, people will perfectly understand what it means, Visser said.

“Oh, I’m sure they will, but even so, it’s a gutsy move to stick with German instead of going with English. I think just the choice of language itself already makes a clear statement: We are an international company with German roots,” he said.

“For the last 150 years, we at Opel have been a part of a long tradition of German engineering and inventiveness for which our country is famous; 110 years of that has been in the automotive branch. This expertise is a guarantee for our customers that we offer high quality innovations at an affordable price.”


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