Opel Insignia elected Car of the Year 2009


GLASTECH Window Tinting just tinting the windows of the new cars: the Opel Insignia. In preview, photos of the car in 2009 on the windows-tinted black.

The family sedan segment, including the Opel Vectra, has fallen dramatically in recent years. Compelled by these events, abandons the Opel Vectra and leaves room for a new sedan, the Opel Insignia.

Presented in 2008 as a concept car of the same name, it abandons not only the name of its predecessor, but also the whole design. The Insisgnia inspired by the GTC concept introduced at the Geneva show in 2007. Available initially in sedan 4 and 5-door (marketing in France since January 2009), it will decline in break and possibly cut later.
Opel Insignia dressed film tinted auto profile

Presented for the first time at London in July 2008, the Insignia is trying to change the image of Opel: wider and taller than its predecessor – the Insignia measuring 4.83 m long – it is undeniably luxury sedans through forms and worked more elegant. Bertrand Bach, designer of the Insignia, considers that the proportions of the sedan “a mix of sculpture and Germanic precision.

The Insignia features the latest Opel stylistic codes in particular the new chrome grille on the length and marked with the Opel logo. The Insignia also opted, like Audi or anticipating the future European standards, DRL whose design “wing” heralds a new stylistic standard for future Opel models. The hood is sculpted so that it follows the curves of the shell while extending on the sides. The mirrors are designed to limit to the wind and thus reduce fuel consumption.

In the words of Opel, the lines of the Insignia, drawn on the term “lame”, stretch back to the optical rocker until passage of the front wheels when she goes back to the optical front, playing the effects of light and flow. The drawing “wing” is also found in the rear optic. Finally, the rear bumper has been working for an optimum aerodynamic includes 2 mufflers, synonymous with sportsmanship.

Coté interior design, the Insignia again expresses the spirit of “wing” with lines stretching on the doors and console. Opel has also worked the seats benefit from a new design padded for comfort. The entire console is covered with plastic foam and accented with chrome.

The Opel Insignia will be the first Opel car to feature the Opel Eye system. With this device, the car will be able to distinguish signs and speed limit and warn the driver of the restriction in force on the portion of the road. The Opel Eye uses a camera mounted in the rearview mirror is capable of 30 frames per second. Then analyzed by the processor, the software fix first round shapes of the panels, then decrypts the data. Opel says the software is able to distinguish signs at 100 meters distance. The information limit is then displayed on the console driver.

Opel also offers FlexRide system, which according to the selected mode (Normal, Sport and Tour) acts differently on the control chassis and engine. In Sport mode, the instruments onboard switch from white light to red to generate a lively atmosphere even sportier in the cockpit and on the road.

The upscale Opel will have the privilege to enjoy a full transmission Intelligent Adaptive 4 × 4.


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