Opel Insignia Review


Opel Insignia Summary

Opel Insignia price: €26,495 – €33,495
Engine Range: 115 bhp – 260 bhp
Year of model: 2008 – 2014

Opel Insignia Review

Our Score:
Styling & Design Score: 8/10
In some aspects the Insignia is a real head turner but in others Opel really could have done a bit better. We love the coupé roofline and pinched rear end but the front is a little bland and the sculpted bodywork down the flanks a little tacked-on and contrived. Still the class looker, though.
Engine Spec Score: 9/10
The Insignia’s engine range is all-encompassing. The basic 1.6-litre petrol is slow and a Band E CO2 producer. The 1.8’s faster but the 2.0 turbo is a flier – shame about their CO2. The real winners are the diesels – both are smooth and punchy but the low carbon, 160hp 2.0CDTi is the one to have.
Performance Score: 8/10
The 1.6 is plain slow but the 1.8 is acceptably nippy although Band E emissions make them hard to enjoy. The 2.0-litre turbo is proper fast but too costly to run. The low power diesel offers decent, low-cost pep while the high-power version is surprisingly fast, refined and cheap to run.
Ride & Handling Score: 8/10
The Vectra was a decent drive so the Insignia’s fine chassis isn’t that surprising. Its ride quality and stability are exceptional and it’s grippy and sure footed even in bad conditions, but the steering’s just a touch too slow so turn in isn’t as keen as the Mondeo. Lots of feel though.
Interior & Ergonomics Score: 8/10
The Opel’s cabin has an appealing layout and is largely intuitive to use but if you go mad with the options it turns into a button-fest. The driving position is perfect and major controls are well located but the gearbox is longwinded and the sat-nav is poor.
Space & Practicality Score: 6/10
Against the likes of the Ford Mondeo and VW Passat, the Insignia doesn’t stack up well – the rear is cramped, the door aperture is small and the roofline is so low it’s awkward getting in and out. The boot’s long but shallow and the saloon’s opening is small. It’s roomy up front, though.
Safety Score: 9/10
Not only does the Insignia cover all the basics – 7 airbags, ESC, ISOFIX etc – it also boasts some (optional) innovations such as speed limit recognition, lights that can see up and down hills as well as left and right and blind-spot warning systems. LED daytime running lights are standard.
Value & Running Costs Score: 7/10
The Insignia is right on the money compared to its rivals but apart from Opel’s reluctance to fit alloys (the wheel trim is a convincing stand-in) it’s better equipped than its rivals. Diesel running costs will be low but resale remains an unknown quantity here.
Quality & Refinement Score: 9/10
There’s no denying the Insignia is a quiet car on the move and a natural motorway muncher. It’s also great over rough backroads, where its suspension and diesel engines remain pleasingly subdued. Cabin quality is decent but not up to the Mondeo’s – the plastics are hard and cheapy in more places.
Equipment Score: 9/10
The base S gets ESC, cruise, A/C, a leather steering, auto lights & LED DRLs. SE adds 17” steel wheels, chrome, climate & arm rests while the SE adds 18” alloys, CD changer + DAB & auto wipers. SRi gets sports suspension & seats while Elite adds electric leather seats, 2-zone climate & park aids.


Small rear doors
tight rear space
petrol emissions



Good looking
decent to drive

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  1. Not only the emissions but also the fuel consumption is bad

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