Buttons with meaning

The Opel Insignia was a good car, we knew. Now it is a matter to check out all the buttons.
Insignia has a long-awaited success for Opel. Design and perceived quality has earned brand new customers without scaring away the old. Opel was bold NOK to choose a fine line ahead of common sense. Therefore, you are cars that are perceived more spacious, but at the same time you have a car with character.

Nine ways

With the Insignia, Opel was the first out with a headlight that lights up in nine different ways. If you drive fast is the light long and narrow. If you drive slowly spread it out more to the sides. In the 30-zone light the extremely wide to help the driver to detect hazards. When you turn the lights follow with. All according to the advertisements. We summarize it briefly – it works. In addition, xenon lights rarely good.

Our previous reviews of Insignia has bragged of driving comfort, but at the same time, some in anBil team asked us for more sporty feel. Flex Ride to NOK 8900 will help a bit on it. When you get three settings that affect the steering and suspension, a plaster stability technology that adjusts the car after driving behavior.

Flex Ride

We pressed the “Sport” and immediately called for instruments red. Soon we noticed that the car was a little stiffer and more solid management and cash. Automate Giret accepted the higher engine speeds before the gearshift. “Tour” is almost the opposite. When it is all about comfortable freight along the road. In other words – also FlexRide works.

“Opel Eye” camera is in the windshield that follows the road signs and alerts from if you change file. Doses of you and the vehicle crosses a marked line in the road, so plinger it. Several vehicles have such devices. Useful is it at all. The usefulness of the “Opel Eye” we are a little more doubt, but I guess it’s nice that the car remembers the speed limit when you switch between 60, 70, 80 and 90-zones. “Opel Eye” can quickly save you a fartsbot.

The conclusion? Technology that works is fun. It makes Opel Insignia yet fun.


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