Opel Insignia OPC – beast gracious

opelinsignaThe most powerful street until recently under the brand portfolio, General Motors is a gracious beast.

Opel fit to celebrate the first decade of existence of its range with the launch of top sports Insignia OPC, a precision instrument that marks several firsts and superlatives important performance division but also for the brand in general.

The other day I had the opportunity to test the most powerful car ever Opel range in a suitable context – the Hungaroring, the circuit that hosts for years in Formula 1 Grand Prize of Hungary.

Each journalist currently had available a copy Insignia OPC circuit for three laps complete. Much less than they would have liked each of those present – including the author – but enough for a brief assessment of the values of the car.


Eventually, ten kilometers (they were actually 13.1) on the runway where, just this summer, Felipe Massa, Ferrari scuderiei pilot, was to wrap accounts with sport and maybe even the world, are , consider new, more useful for this sort of exercise, but a road Bucharest-Constanta, for instance.


Insignia OPC is “armed” with a turbocharged V6 petrol engine, 2.8 liters, which develops 325 horsepower and 435 Nm (peak torque). The torque is transmitted to wheels through a manual gearbox with 6 1 reports.

Insignia is the first car created by the OPC standard equipped with adaptive all-wheel drive and rear electronic limited-slip differential. The car is fitted with electronic FlexRide, which adjusts shock absorbers, the degree of assistance to the steering wheel and accelerator pedal sensitivity according to the preferences of the wheel.


How to choose between “Standard” (default when starting the engine), according to the roads daily, how “Sport” suspension becomes more rigid and the roll is reduced, or how particular “OPC” – at which point the chassis settings enter mode performance.

Engineers’ Opel Performance Center “in Rüsselsheim and boots were created with Pirelli P Zero 245/40 tires, which are provided with wheels 19 inches. For 20-inch forged wheels are available optional 255/35 tires.

Insignia OPC is equipped with Brembo front brakes with larger discs, perforated, 355 mm, aluminum calipers with four pistons, Brake pads and high performance.

The car sprints from zero to 100 km / h in just six seconds and can accelerate to 250 km / h (should succeed even better if one did not exist electronically limited).


Spoilerele, thresholds and huge wheels admits of no doubt – the line stands at Hungaroring three cars are well aligned with what they know … from those who are to restrain them.

On board, similar situation: the seats had shown at the same time, great fashion, are the main responsible for the implementation of sport ambiance.

In keeping with the destination machine, but for some reason objective – better driver thigh support -, the seat was lowered by 15 millimeters compared to the standard rate for all other versions Insignia. Ample seat and steering wheel adjustment facilitates easy retrieval of the ideal driving position.


The key, under the hood Insigniei jump to life, with a cultivated sound, but very distant burliness V6. Go. Overcome line stands and falling on the track. The first tour is set in the “Standard”, more to bring the temperature of the tires, but not the rate of scrolling. The machine fits nicely on turns, but at speeds with which they are addressed, the wheel seems more assistance than we have imagined. A certain perplexity is the intalează after a few corners – why we get so good? … Where are all the over three hundred of “pony”?


The second round is coming faster than we wanted. Meanwhile, the tires were warm and our instructor communicated by radio to press the “Sport” on the board. Perhaps because of adrenaline, the differences between this setting and prior seem shy. Even so, some autosugestiei role, partly because they see that we remember the order of cornering, size speed. Rolling make room on their “turn” larger sites, where, driven and our enthusiasm, and a trend is slowly subviratoare.

Last crossing the line right next to the speakers. The voice sounded broken instructor in communication: “Gentlemen, press the button OPC” (Gentlemen, press the “OPC”! “- In translation). This time, it is clear, a shiver runs through the electronic innards of the car – the steering wheel becomes harder and the engine screams like a wounded beast (actually, pedal just been reached, but the speed went up to the red precipitate). In turns addressed vibrators, body is supported with minimum zvâcniri. It takes a lot of trouble to “convince” Insignia to break less grip, on behalf of the show, which will not take too long. It is a pleasure to feel how the beast works kind of hurry to redistribute torque to the wheels with the best grip.

Insignia close your eyes to the mistakes of the wheel, and if it does not have presence of mind to hit recovery maneuver, lie promptly helping hand saving. And this is undoubtedly great, so just that, given his role on earth is like it would be better higher than would be appropriate.

Opel Insignia OPC
Displacement (cc) 2792
Maximum power (hp / rpm) 325/5.250
Torque (Nm / rpm) 435/5.250
Transmission integral 6 1 M
Maximum speed (km / h) 250
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s) 6
Fuel consumption (l/100 km) 11.4
CO2 emissions (g / km) 268
Length (mm) 4830
Width (mm) 1856
Height (mm) 1498
Wheelbase (mm) 2737
Trunk (l) 500-530
Price with VAT (euro) 37,900


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  1. Great car. I like that blue color most of all. I test drived it here in Finland and we had a very cold day -19 Celsius. It went like a train although the roads were slippery.

    My video:


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