Car in the 2009 test: Opel Insignia 2.0 Turbo

Turning point in the history of Opel – to be the new German-American group on behalf of Insignia. So far our car seemed just a turning point in marketing the brand.


To some, the new Insignia of the former “luxury” model brand, Opel Omega. He had been like a big sedan also went on the same concept. Direct predecessor but was Vectra which drove off the assembly line recently.

But enough of comparisons with the past. Opel Insignia we find a completely new car and the manufacturer takes it so well. Until his success put much strength and hope. And even though we have the Insignia and its estate variant passed, the answer to the crucial question we have not known. And she added: Insignia is really so amazing?

The first course will take every appearance. Insignia is, in our opinion, very beautiful car, which nearly matches the visage prémiovému segment. Although sedan (liftback respectively) can be measured with boldly emerging category of “coupe-sedan” (Volkswagen Passat CC) and other “ladných ‘cars. One of the admirers even noticed the similarity of the silhouettes Lexus GS, and we are not against even this comparison.

We hoped that we will not stop for a nice appearance. Therefore, we do not hesitate and immediately sat down behind the wheel. Regarding the shape and quality of interior materials used, no significant opposition. Design dashboard corresponds with the exterior is a modern and elegant. Sometimes a little hard plastic zaskřípají and could cause hodnotněji (especially on the center console), but we will not criticize something that bothered us so much. The only objection to the dashboard, we have enormous respect in the middle area – a large center console panel comprises four dozen buttons and four rotary controls, which, as you may guess, just does not rationality.
Good standard
Regarding ergonomics, Insignia did not escape anything in the standard class, including deficiencies. Although overall we have no comfort behind the wheel key opposition bothered us a short track wheel shift in both axial and radial axis. Fortunately, electrically adjustable seat is doing much better and embraces most of the characters perfectly, but the pedal bracket is another factor limiting the displacements.

So if you sit down behind the wheel and we’ll want to make the necessary comfort, while maintaining the pedal movement to extremes, we are left holding a wreath wheel pretty from a distance. It follows that if we decide to turn the wheel stronger (which is not in use on the road infrequent phenomenon), then we have to lean forward.

In this position, the steering wheel is almost a rule that his crown overlap indicator coolant and fuel gauge. Insignia solves this problem in a simple and brilliant way with-moving equipment to the top of the chapel during the whole journey to see. And lest we forget the essentials: a small three-spoke steering wheel unusual shape, we kept well.
More than average

If we Insignia evaluated in terms of tonnage, would be not critical. The middle class holds a high standard. Adults are about to come in the relative cool of four, while as usual, the front seats to settle everyone.

Rear seats on the front as well as some not, but that is not anything that was impossible due to the silhouette of the car to understand. Because of the shape of the rear door is slightly complicated by the entry and convenience, you do grew by an average figure, say 180 centimeters in size.

Pleasant surprise, despite the sloping rear of the trunk is quite large in size with a volume of 500 liters (rear seat folded down even 1010 liters), which is also easily accessible to the sedan fairly large hole.

Two Faces of the engine
The 2.0 Turbo is his strongest performance 220 hp four-cylinder under the hood insignia above it in the menu is just six-cylinder 2.8-liter V6 Turbo with 260 performances and 325 horses. But even if we did not have such power, our 220 hp (162 kW at 5300 rpm), enough to hbitému quite a ride.

While it is true that the first day of riding our strong unit seemed a little dull and lazy. But then we figured out that there are five thousand revolutions from above, and do adapt their behavior. The truth is such that the maximum power 220 hp to reach quite high (5300 rpm) and so we felt it is torque. Opel shows the almost flat curve with a peak of 350 Nm between 2000-4000 rpm. As we would with such a car, or did not go – if the engine runs under 3000 rpm, the sweep is dull. That is why we consider acceleration 0-100 km / h in 7.6 seconds for an excellent and slightly unexpected result.

The not-quite-ready expression influences weight 1600 kilograms, but please easy handling and surprising lightness of the car when cornering. Pleasant is a more rapid response to the servo drive. Overall, the car offers a decent sports facilities, but if you really clean racing natures, would be worthwhile to invest in some versions of the OPC.
Aging tires
Tuning the chassis itself is not bad (we mentioned it in the first impressions), but the work had permanently degrades ridiculously large 20-inch wheels. The luxury German roads would probably be extremely happy, but in reality Czech okresky We regret the hardness follows tuned chassis . thin rubber strip (probably stick), which looks like a tire, not enough recapture any of the inequalities that we offer Czech roads.

First ride: Opel Insignia Sports Tourer – read HERE

The first ride in the car: Opel Insignia – read HERE

Yes, in terms of appearance are big wheels necessity. Moreover, we understand that obligate the tires thirteen balloons in full profile, given the size of the valve may be mounted either did not go. But the size of seventeen inches (ie the smallest aluminum disks that Opel offers) would be for our road was more than enough.

Surely you are wondering what the Insignia in the exercise of its consumption. We also interested and we will keep some disappointment about the outcome of 11 liters per hundred kilometers, and if you expect that in practice, get under ten, and more to forget. And if so, does not make sense to have under the hood of this herd. We are moving most of the test week, about 12 l/100 km. And it drew only eleven stokilometrový trip to okreskách.
Peak Engineering
That Opel Insignia offers a wide range of technical vychytávek is not necessary to stress. Adaptive stabilization technology FlexRide gives drivers a choice of comfortable mode “Tour” mode or “Sport”. No significant difference, however, we did not observe, perhaps because its vast wheels as we felt in the sport mode all the time.

On the contrary, auto lights are almost flawless guarantee that you’ll never have to touch the driver. Adaptable to both day and night, but i know when they can afford to let remote lamp and where.

And the greatest advertising crib? Damn reading road signs. Communicated marketing function, which frankly does not have any significant practical importance, has perhaps the Opel a deeper sense that we can not see. But as you can see, in this test in reading road signs Not a word – our highest trim Cosmo him as not.
Depressing numbers
Opel Insignia starts with the 550 thousand crowns, which may seem relatively favorable price. If We do, however, the foundation, the amount is growing rapidly. For Insignia strong dvoulitrem Cosmo equipment of the highest pay at least 795 thousand crowns, and if you want to enjoy luxury like we in the test car, open your wallet even more.

If you plan to travel in the skin, have 60 thousand, navigation system with DVD player comes to another 45 thousand. Technology FlexRide raises the price of 25 thousand připlácí also be electrically adjustable driver seat, in this case, 15 thousand. And that the work was finished, the list appears more metallic fittings, parking sensors, and the inconvenient location twenty rounds.

You may also be dismayed what is needed to pay extra? The more you will regret it when you look at the price tag. This is where the test piece without climbed ten thousand crowns per million. And that’s quite expensive salvation, especially when one realizes that this nice and quite a good car is nothing fundamentally not escape from the high standard of the current middle class. And when we recall that the market is stronger players. And cheaper.

The author is editor server.

The final mark: 2 —
Pros: equipment, space, appearance
Cons: price, consumption, too hard podovzek

Base price in design 2.0 Turbo Cosmo: 794.900, – Kč
The optional equipment Price: 194.500, – Kč
Total price: 989.400, – Kč


Volume of the engine 1998 ccm
Maximum power 162 kW / 220 hp (5300 rpm)
Maximum torque of 350 Nm (2000 – 4000 rpm)
Six-speed manual transmission
Maximum speed 242 km / h
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h 7.6 s
Indicated consumption of 12.7 l/100 km city
Consumption outside the city 6.5 l/100 km
Combined consumption of 8.8 l/100 km
Consumption during the test 11.2 l/100 km
Operating Weight 1598 kg
Length / Height / Width 4830 / 1498 / 1856 mm
Wheelbase 2737 mm
Zavazadelník / after the collapse of 500 / 1010 litrů

Equipment: Radio with CD player and třífunkčním information display, automatic light control, electric driver seat height adjustable, electrically operated front windows, electrically operated heated door mirrors, remote central locking, reading lamps front and rear, trip computer, chrome frames instruments , armrest front, rear seats divided in 60:40 ratio, tire repair kit, preparing for the ISOFIX child seat in rear seats, rear center headrest, ESP Plus, ABS, front, side and head airbags for driver and front passenger, warning nezapnutém safety belt in front, remote tailgate, adaptive bi-xenon headlights, parking pilot, a rain sensor, elektrochromatické interior rear view mirror with light, automatic light control with detection of tunnels, cruise control, electronic jednozónová air conditioning, rear pockets on front seats armrest in the rear seat backrest, with the possibility prostrčení long cargo with drinks holder and storage compartment, interior light kit, door sill covers, steering wheel with chrome trim, chrome moldings around side windows, split-board box, leather steering wheel with controls for audio, electric windows front and rear doors, 4polohová lumbar rest in the front seat, tilting the driver’s seat, dual-zone electronic air conditioning with humidity sensor, termoreflexní windscreen, automatic lights with detection of tunnels, rain sensor, trip computer control system elektrochromatické interior rear view mirror , sports exhaust, 18 “alloy wheels with 245/45 R18 tires, electric parking brake.


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  2. that looks amazing mate,

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