Opel Insignia is most popular car

NBN_BIZ5_OPEL2_RR.MM.jpg.250The Opel Insignia is one quarter of one million visitors to the website Autoscout24 crowned ‘Most Popular Car in Europe “. The successful middle class car caught even the coveted title of ‘Car of the Year 2009’.
AUTO The Opel Insignia (from 24,299 euros) it took 331 cars divided into nine categories. The contest was organized by the website Autoscout24.be in more than six million Internet users. More than 250,000 people took their vote, a very large number for an election of a car. That other election of the Car of the Year, but such a limited wreath of automotive journalists vote. But they all vehicles driven or is not the case with the electorate on the web site.

It is remarkable that a modal family car the best scores. A sign that many car enthusiasts opt for reasonableness.

The election of the Insignia as the finest and best car is a heartening for Opel. The German brand is experiencing a turbulent period since the parent company General Motors Opel repels. The Opel Insignia has sharply reversed the rudder. The middle car was a totally new design and an innovative accessory that has so far not been offered in this segment. To recognize the signs in the car the speed allowed. The driver receives the information icons on his dashboard. The Insignia also has a large intelligent lighting that automatically turns off the lights do not dazzle oncoming traffic. The brightness is also adjusted to the street.

The positioning of the Insignia between the Vectra and Signum is a real hit found. The car replaces the Vectra, but it is also one step higher on the social ladder. In time, the Insignia also loved the little Signum replaced. A larger model is not planned.

Opel has very quickly break the Sports Tourer launched version making the sales success is perpetuated.

Of the 150,000 sold Insignia’s versions are 40,000 break. In our country the great Opel good for 6100 copies which breaks 2200.

There was also a ranking of countries prepared. The Insignia wins across Europe and is the primus in the Netherlands and Germany.

The Belgians and the French find the ultimate sports car Audi R8 (from 109,020 million) the most popular car.


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