Opel Insignia 2.0 CDTi 160 bhp.


Revolutionized Opel sedan when he took his new badge, a true bestseller that has meant the most successful brand of lightning in recent years.

Successor to the Vectra, which does not maintain or the name, the badge is a superior car to match its best rivals. The visual quality is above the other models in the brand and the design has shelved inside straight lines that characterize the current Astra, Vectra, .. Still not up to premium brands, but neither should it be, your competition are C5, 407, Mondeo, Accord, .. to which you can deal without hesitation.

The exterior design is beautiful, smooth lines, no overloaded and very aerodynamic in front adaptive xenon lights are a good cover letter and statement of intent. The Opel Insignia is a step to the page and opening a new range of products.

The two-liter engine that Logo is an old acquaintance, and that is an update of that already bore the Antara, in this case in its 160-horsepower version. It just sounds soft and allows high motorway cruising, but his poor remains low, from a standing start with the car loaded clutch means pull. That if, by keeping the engine above 1,800 rpm, the answer is swift and decisive.
This engine even has a respectable number of horses, is better off without forcing it, if we look great acceleration is more coarse.

Consumption is online from other similar engine power, in our usual route yielded a figure of 6.2 liters per 100.
The badge features an adaptive suspension system with three modes, Sporty, comfortable and Adaptive or automatic, the differences are minimal between the two, we must recognize that this diesel is the front suspension harder than gasoline models, we assume by increased engine weight. This detail makes the steering behavior is more accurate but that the filtering of road irregularities is less.

The badge is not even remotely a sports sedan offers good performance but for example a Seat Exeo is well above dynamically.

In Wheeler Highway is an excellent, well established, can not hear your engine and allows good cruise.

Size matters in city and as with all cars of a certain size must be more attentive, since the visibility is regular, basically because of some small mirrors and a rear window too small.
On the road is a faithful traveling companion, without forcing the pace comfortable and go without tipping into the turns.

Our tester was the top-end with leather seats, woodgrain detail, center console brown, hardworking and smart.

Inside is where we see the leap of Opel design, since the change in the exterior and began to take shape in the Corsa.
The materials not be of high quality have a good presence, buttons, ergonomics, … graze at high altitudes.

The Tablier is well designed, with easy to use controls and a proper distribution, everything is handy and easy to interact.
The front seats are very comfortable, offering all kinds of regulations, and allow to reach the wheel well.

Behind there are good levels, it is comfortable for two, the central square is too hard to travel.
The boot as with many large sedans is but a small manhole, you should opt for the five-door and trunk must have this piece and can not try it is a shame.

Price / quality
Discuss today’s price is wishful thinking since all brands offer discounts on their succulent and Opel models is no exception, this model has a list price of around 30,000 euros, but pica is a good product, providing a capability representation and driving pleasure.
Striker Situation
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement (cm3) 1,956
Power Diesel: Diesel. Injection: Direct. Injection Control: Electronic. Compressor: Turbo. Intercooler: NO.
Maximum power (hp / rpm) 160 / 4,000
Torque (Nm / rpm) 35.71 / 1,750

Front Drive
Manual Gearbox, 6-speed

Union to the floor / Brakes / Tires
Geometry front axle: McPherson. Coil spring. Roll bar. Dampers: Hydraulic
Geometry Rear axle: multilink. Dampers: Hydraulic
Brakes / rear Disk / Disk
Aid / Braking Brake booster. ABS. ESP
Tires 225/55 R 17

Type 4-door Sedan
Number of Seats 5
Official Weight (kg) 1,610
Fuel Tank (liters) 70
Boot capacity (dm3) 500
Dimensions (m): length / width / height / battle 4.830 / 1.856 / 1.498 / 2.737

Maximum speed (km / h) 212
Accel. 0 to 100 km / h (s) 9.9

Urban (l/100 km) 7.9
Extra urban (l/100 km) 4.9
Mixed (l/100 km) 6
Diesel Fuel


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