Sports Suits on the limit

We welcome the OPC Opel Insignia Sports Tourer in the select group of sports-folds. Its established competitors, Audi S4 Avant, BMW 335i xDrive Touring and VW Passat Variant R36 asking the novice to the exchange of blows.

213 Financially better-off heads of family with high affinity for sports cars do not have it easy sometimes. To do justice to their inclination, so are usually two cars in the domestic garages. A vernunftbetontes, often with plenty of room for your entire family, this is enough for a family holiday. The other is usually more to the play instinct of reason can then, in many cases be no question. To share the fun, which often offer the only two-seater Zweitfahrzeuge, it is difficult, and at least part of the family is left as nothing more than the lucky occupants of fun Mobils sad farewell hinterherzuwinken with his handkerchief. For a long time, many automobile manufacturers are aware of this dilemma and have their volume models, a version of the program, which sells leistungstechnisch like driving dynamics considerably from the rest of the model family. We gather the four hottest all-wheel combination representative of the German middle class to exchange of blows.

If it is the Audi S models, which are intended to satisfy the power hungry. The youngest member of the family has selected the 333-hp S4 Avant. At VW, the top models come from the R-series. The PS-Zenit selected for the Wolfsburgern the Passat R36 with 300 hp. From Munich we are accustomed sportiness. At BMW M GmbH, in fact provides the right amount of adrenaline, until now one could not yet decide about a touring version of the M3, and this will remain on the current state of knowledge as well. Sun joins a normal – wheel-drive – Model of the 3 Series to our comparison, with the 335i xDrive does not need with its 306 hp to hide. Last but not least since this year we welcome a new member in the dynamic middle class: the Opel Insignia OPC, which with its 325 hp – apart from the exotic, 377-hp Lotus Carlton (1990-93) – the most powerful production Opel ever is.
For all the perfection of the S4 Avant lacks a bit more soul
In advance, with many anxious early praise, we are particularly looking forward to it. Can he break the phalanx, consisting of Audi, BMW and VW,? On paper at least he has what it takes. Only the Audi still has a few more horsepower under the hood. In contrast to the S4’s predecessor was the engine in the current Ingolstädter cut by two cylinders. The current trend, the V6 is now zwangsbeatmet by a compressor. What Audi has since conjured from the Entwicklerhut is truly amazing. The smoothness of the V6 looks like from another planet. Between 2900 and stand ready 5300/min lush 440 Nm of torque. It turns out the engine of the more than 1.8 tonnes unladen weight of the wagon body shell even at tempos over 200 kph unimpressed. So technically complete, the S4 engine also presented, but it is missing something: For all the perfection he can miss a bit much soul. On the whole, he seems too sterile, almost synthetic – no comparison to the rough, vivid nature of the V8 predecessor.

Even the BMW 3 Series offers with its turbocharged six-run culture at its finest. He even goes to work a bit more sensitive than the Audi. That would lie between the two almost 30 hp difference, we can hardly believe it – even at higher speeds, he can compete well with the Audi. But only on the highway. On the track it looks different. Here, the Audi does the advantage of the optional drive select system with adaptive damping control. On our test track, the Sachsenring, traverses the S4, almost all of bends with significantly higher speeds. On the front axle of the Audi offers considerably more grip, the BMW 335i here shows a tendency to understeer. In addition, there is the Audi Rear much livelier, which proves particularly at the entrance to the Omega as an advantage – easily cross into the corner and then almost straight out again. The fact that the clock will stop after 1:43,83 min at the end, surprise us, given the strong performance of Audi’s not. 1:47,57 with the BMW here in the cold.
Despite the heavy weight of the Insignia Sports Tourer is not slow
The time of 1:47,52-Insignia OPC is only marginally faster than the Touring. With 1880 pounds empty weight, he embodies the worst car in our comparison. However, the Opel has to contend with its top-heavy to heavy. He also pushed into tight corners massively over the front wheels, since even helps the OPC mode, the damper system further. That is certainly on the one hand, the fun but not really beneficial. The engine comes with the weight of RÜSSELSHEIM not particularly doing fine. He turns not nearly so high-hearted, as do Audi and BMW. At the end of the BMW, but he can rein in what has essentially two reasons: First, it can come up with sharp gripping brakes, the other by two points with a larger wheel-tire combination. Like the Insignia also rolls the Passat R36 at 19 duties, but there is this to him only as special equipment, they are the Opel series.
The Passat R36 is the only one without mandatory ventilation into the race
The Passat occupies in our comparison of a small special position, because he is the only one that works without charge. What counts for him are capacity and speed. Is the former still in order, the 3.6-liter in terms of revving less convincing; above from 5500 tours of the VR6 is tough. We should therefore somewhat earlier – well before the red speed range – at the right of the rocker switch deliverable only by DSG R36-valances and surf rather pull on the torque shaft. The torque of the three mountains turbocharged engines, the Passat can wave but not overwhelmed. This is especially clear in the uphill section of the Sachsenring. Here, the VW has been losing its three competitors precious tenths of seconds. Because he ended up with 1:48,30 minutes recorded the slowest time of the day, as may also the DCC adaptive chassis with an excellent sport mode to change anything.

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