Porters at Gala

Because of boring workhorse – the new station wagon from Toyota, Honda and Opel rely on a fancy dish. AUTO BILD compares Avensis Combi, Accord Tourer and Sports Tourer Insignia Diesel.


Just suppose: In front of a fine hotel designed to take on the staff of the suitcase. Who would you push your luggage into their own hands: a sweaty types in overalls and rib vest or the posh pages with gold buttons on the red Spencer? Save the porter dapper in uniform makes the race – particularly when it costs only a tip. Unfortunately occur for ordinary citizens stay in luxury hotels rather rare. In everyday life, must take drastic other carrier. For example, the cultivated types of Opel, Honda and Toyota. Elegant service, called Insignia Sports Tourer Accord Tourer and Avensis Combi. Value in pinstripes: geht doch!

However, demand for their services much more than a tip. At least 33,545 euros in costs of the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer than 2.0 CDTI with automatic transmission – an especially attentive porters from Rüsselsheim. Honda also holds similarly prepared noble porters. 34,270 euros for one of the most impressive Accord Tourer 2.2 i-DTEC Automatic decreases the luggage – and then roll like the competitor even on 17-inch aluminum rims. At Toyota, they have recently frischgemacht the Avensis Combi, from 30,550 euros swallows Edellaster 2.2 D-4D automatic the whole gang. A clear case, therefore – the Avensis toils for the lowest money. Whether this may be true, the performance? Absolutely, especially as the Avensis decently equipped luxury promises no less than his rival Insignia and Accord – which Toyota is lacking compared to the Opel only a navigation system, which Honda has him ahead of the seat heater. On the other hand it offers compared to the competitor with the standard knee airbag even a more important protective pad.

The Honda Accord disappointed with payload and space :
Toyota also provides for an additional charge, the forward-looking pre-crash safety system – before an accident, the combination is automatically slowed down to the crash-reducing effects. Since it can only compete even Honda, the Japanese share with collision warning system including automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning (both optional), an equally intelligent assistance, such as the Toyota Enough of the theory. What dragged the three off for now? Not really much. The Edellaster are trimmed quite clear on his appearance, wrinkling at hard labor not like the uniform. Specifically, the Honda Accord Tourer disappointed: Maximum 1252 liters of cargo volume is lousy for a combination of his stature, and disappointing 436 pounds payload and 1100 kg towing capacity. The Opel may invite, but pinched the rear passengers – the space in the rear is modest. Nevertheless, the cargo compartment holds up to 1530 liters of cargo, tug, zuck the rear seat is folded up, releases a flat load floor. Not optimal: tow heavy loads over the wide edge at the rear to go heavy on the back.

Much more gallant to give the traveling companion while driving. All three suits to impress with a sovereign Antriebsmix of strong and gentle diesel automatic. However, we found subtle differences. In a particularly cultured Honda engine works – but needs to get the tangy i-DTEC Fünfstufenautomatik with an old-fashioned, robs the power to the spurt. Also, the converter slip in the transmission can be a part of the 150 hp evaporate in the Accord. At least, not coming into the touring Swallow: The only member in this comparison, he undercuts the consumption test on the seven-liter mark. The 160-horsepower Opel engine is running in comparison somewhat tough, lies to the six-speed automatic binding to the wheel. When you kick down the transmission downshifts so fast that the strong Insignia herausfährt a commanding lead. In addition, he is its torque (350 Nm), just below 2000 rpm ready – what is perceived.
The Opel Insignia Sports Tourer raises greedily into the corners :
Also in the Toyota engine is the best in the juice, he puts his muscle (150 hp) but delayed. The clean D-4D with nitric oxide cat growls even while under load pleasantly cozy – but comes to tough tours. Too bad also that the automatic transmission to downshift eagerly. Drehmomentsattes is pulling in the big gear is hardly possible. In addition, the suspension of the Japanese working unbalanced, with transverse joints, he can not condone at all. In general, the Avensis does not work very vital, callous and indirect guidance reinforces the impression. Since the Insignia Sports Tourer is carved out quite a different timber. As a major dynamics, but without undue hardship suspension, raises the great Opel greedily into the corners. However, the steering responds plenty sharp, at high speeds sometimes drop corrections from angular.

And Honda? Even the white flask loves curves, can be channeled more precise, but it absorbs more brittle than the Opel. Especially on the highway there is a lack of sensitivity to the chassis of the Accord. He trembles over heels, angrily pounding on a poor road surface. Too bad, because perfect seats with plenty of lateral support and the low noise level of the Accord Tourer offer the best long-distance comfort. It was only when braking, the Honda and messes stands ten feet from a speed of 100 behind Opel and Toyota. Ouch – that has wrinkles in his dress wardrobe. Not good for carriers, who want to top.


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