Opel wants to go forward

An Opel in the left lane? It now seems as likely as experienced during the election campaign the truth. But the flash is overtaking reality. Insignia OPC as he challenges Audi S4, BMW 335i and VW Passat CC.

53152Closed society – if they take the premium sports car from Audi, BMW or Mercedes, enjoys the rank and file are not allowed. So it was at least so far. But now, shaking precisely the plug end in severe crisis fight Adam Opel AG seeks vehemently at the gate of the sports elite and inlet. The Insignia OPC is designed to give the RÜSSELSHEIM besides access and respect. And to prove that lightning in the grill not only has become fond of brand emblem is, but may mean in the sequel even thunder. In this case, of 325 hp, four-wheel drive and 250 km / h top speed – electronically limited, as is well understood by itself.
Four sports sedans from Germany take the test winner
To help him is the VW Passat CC V6 4Motion aside. Both fashionable as well as motor goes beyond its brave brothers and step-by TDI under the bonnet shunting premium Passat would also rise to the top German athletes. They’re trying their special position and the athletic track, of course, defend territory by all means. The BMW 335i drives to extra-wheel drive (all other series) and on an automatic (DSG Passat with no extra charge), the Audi S4 arming themselves with dynamic steering and sport differential. Whether that enough?

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