Opel Insignia Offers Bold Groundbreaking Exterior Design

Rüsselsheim. The Opel Insignia is a car unlike any the brand has introduced in the past. It is bold and self confident in its design and striking in its appearance, adding emotion to Opel’s long tradition of German precision.
The exterior of the Insignia is guided by its sensual flowing lines and muscular stance. Many of the design cues, including a sculpted blade form chiseled into the side and signature wing lights are first introduced in the exterior and repeated in the interior keeping the mid-sized car in balance and harmony.
“The overall first impression of the Insignia is that it’s a car that makes you smile,” says Malcolm Ward, Exterior Chief Designer for mid-size cars at GM Europe.
Mark Adams, Vice President of Design for GM Europe, adds. “The Insignia brings emotion and passion back to the brand. We have founded a new design language in the Insignia which we will develop and create equally bold steps for other future models.”
The overall philosophy was to combine sculptural artistry with German precision. The design team wanted to add emotion into the brand which for so many years has honed its history of precision and German engineering. Customers know immediately that the Insignia is a paradigm shift when they see the new grille, with its proud upright design. A newly designed and refined emblem, with the name Opel embossed in the circle, is confidently embedded into the grille. A fresh inner headlamp detailing is highlighted by unique rectangular forms that are tapered and bordered by wing-form daytime running lights. This will be a signature of Opel cars in the future. A strong crease runs across the hood, creating a smooth waterfall of light and shadows that move over the fenders to the side panels. All the latest pedestrian protection parameters have been incorporated into the design in a way that seamlessly integrates into the flowing form.
Blade-form sculpted into the side panel
A blade form is cut into the side starting from the tail lamp, thrusts forward to just behind the front wheel, where it then dives down and returns back along the cars body side, adding visual movement. The blade, allows the surface to play with pools of light, giving a lively emotional feel. Repeating this design cue in a slightly altered form helps to harmonize the car. Like the wing lighting signature, the blade is an element that will be seen in variation on future Opel designs.
The side windows are lined with a chrome frame to add to give it an up-market look. The chrome also serves to optically slim down the car. This is important due to the Insignia’s sporty stance. It is here in the rear where designer Ward and his team have made a bold statement. The broad shoulders combine with the wide tracks and sculpted wheel arches for a muscular, compact look.
A wing-form is sculpted into the red rear lights, too, in combination with the angle coming off the wheel arch. As with the front, the rear lights form a dynamic tapered shape to add to the sporty character. The wing signature borders it in design harmony.
“The rear is personally for me my favorite part of the car. It is very emotional, very appealing,” Ward says. “You can really see its muscularity and sportiness, yet it remains a luxurious-feeling car.”


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